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In December of 2012, Bishop John Schol proposed a vision to involve a significant number of young people in SuperStorm Sandy relief and recovery.

GBOD’s Young People’s Ministries responded with a ministry plan for a pilot program involving a number of young adults in this effort. Within two weeks, funding through the Connectional Table contingency fund and several other agencies was secured for the initiative.

Three goals emerged: 1) Involve a large number of young people in the relief/recovery effort, 2) Create Wesleyan resources for use in this endeavor, and 3) accomplish this through a group of young adults living in intentional community and serving together. The pilot was initially proposed as a two-year initiative.

We’ve learned a lot through this pilot project. We’ve also accomplished all of our goals to some extent – especially if you are looking for resources to assist your group in preparing, processing, and following up a mission experience.

We also realized that the structure envisioned for the project was not the best for accomplishing the goals. We are now pursuing goals #1 and #2 in a different way than that imagined in goal #3.

The Restoration Generation disaster response pilot ended operations December 31, 2013. Future work around these goals will become a part of ongoing Young People’s Ministries work in collaboration with other agencies and partners.

If you are looking for ways to be involved in recovery related to SuperStorm Sandy, please use the contacts below:

New York Annual Conference: http://www.nyac.com/applytovolunteer

Greater New Jersey Annual Conference: http://www.afuturewithhope.org/registertovolunteer

Peninsula/Deleware Annual Conference: http://www.pen-del.org/pages/detail/1073